white paper quotes

PLEASE READ ALL GUIDELINES BEFORE SUBMITTING, submissions that do not follow all guidelines will be deleted.

to submit a quote to be written up by a member of whitepaperquotes: submit your quote in our message box¬†with proper credit including an author’s name and the title of its respective book/poem/article/etc. lyrics should be submitted to whitepaperlyrics; personal quotes or confessions should be submitted to whitepaperconfessions. Quotes written on colored paper should be submitted to colorpaperquotes.

to submit a handwritten quote: send to our submission box. make sure to follow all the guidelines: quotes cannot be typed and they must be handwritten, quotes must be on a white background, make sure to accredit the quote to its proper source in the actual photograph. scanned quotes are best but if you take a photograph of the quote make sure the quote is the one in focus and that it is not blurry. once you upload the picture, check the submissions tag, click the submission terms, and submit!

Thank you for your submissions!