white paper quotes

Can I join whitepaperquotes?

While we really appreciate your interest and support, we are not currently searching for any members. However, when we are searching for new members we will post it on our blog for several days so make sure that you keep following whitepaperquotes!

Can I reach you elsewhere? 

Yes! You can reach us at whitepaperquotes@gmail.com or you can follow us on our Instagram @whitepaperquotestumblr. Thanks!

Will you follow me back?

No, this is a secondary blog, so we can’t follow anyone. 

Will you promote me?

The simple answer is no.

Where do you get your quotes from?

Many of them are submitted. Others our members find while scrolling their dash, some we’ve come across during our daily lives and we wanted to share them with you!

Will you do some quotes from ____?

Before asking this please use the search bar located on the sidebar on the left hand side of the blog. All of our posts are tagged by author. If you can’t find the author you’re looking for, or you think that our selection is inadequate, shoot us a message. 

That quote is wrong/spelled wrong/ has incorrect grammar.

We always appreciate constructive criticism, but unfortunately, once a post has been reblogged hundreds of times, we can’t go back and rewrite it. 

How do you create your quotes?

All of our quotes are handwritten. Some of us take photographs of them, some of us scan images of them. Then we all use different methods to edit them if we need to!

What font do you use?

We don’t use any fonts, all of our quotes are handwritten.

Do you favor famous quotes over personal quotes?

No, we post all quotes that are submitted to us unless they are duplicates, or too long to write by hand.

I submitted a quote but haven’t seen it posted yet. Did it get overlooked?

It’s possible, but most likely it is just taking a while to post it. We get a lot of messages, and we usually have several dozen posts in the queue! If you tell us which quote is yours, we can tell you when you might expect to see it.

Thank you!